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August 22, 2020

Weekend video update - check it out - Great picks for next week and some awesome charts

Weekend Video update - Aug 22


Things we talk about in the video:

1.Markets update for the past week – DIA,QQQ,SPY,SSO
2.Stocks we picked – DE, AAPL, HD, LOW, housing stocks and predictions (TOL, DHI, KBH)
3.Bank stocks – BAC, JPM,
4.EXPE broke above 200d
5.Dow stocks – CAT,DE,BA,JNJ,
8.MA examples – PANW, SPOT, IDXX,
9.Call options
10.RSI scanning
11.Software or SAAS stocks NOW, CRWD,ZS,COUP,OKTA and MACD patterns
12.Subscribe to youtube and site
13.Contact us – truchartscom@gmail.com
14.Follow us on twitter - @trucharts

August 15, 2020

Awesom video update this week - check it out...


What we traded this week - WYNN,AMAT,MU,NXPI and discuss the big cap names and NVDA.

  • Markets update for the past week – DIA,QQQ,SPY,SSO
  • Earnings upcoming - NVDA
  • Bank stocks and Dow stocks – CAT,DE,BA,JNJ,AAPL,MSFT
  • ETF page
  • SHOP and shorting
  • Candlestick vs OHLC bars
  • Software stocks
  • stock Z (Zillow group)
  • Backtest feature another use case
  • Software or SAAS stocks CRWD,ZS,COUP,OKTA and MACD patterns
  • Subscribe, database issue update and screener example
  • Contact us truchartscom@gmail.com
  • Follow us on twitter - @trucharts


B Bhatia

August 8, 2020

Markets update Aug 8th - How we made 40% on AMD in 20% on MTCH in a week.. and 40% on NVAX..

Markets update week ending Aug 8 and what stocks to watch for next week

In the video this week we discuss the following - check it out and watch the whole video - you will see how to make money...

1.Site features and what we offer (voice issue (video), real time quotes and charts, self funded, subscribe, database update and screener)

2.Markets update for the past week – DIA,QQQ,SPY,SSO

3.Multiple stock charts

4.How we traded and made a 40% return on AMD, over 20% on MTCH and over 30% on

5.Bank stocks, ETF page, Reports page (Dow 30), CAT,DE,DIS,JNJ,FDX,UPS (gap ups)

6.Moving average examples and breakouts for OLED, BYND, ANET, FVRR, NFLX, AAPL, FB

7.Our favorite stock Z (Zillow group) and how we close to doubled our money

8.Backtest feature

9.Heatmap issue and fix, update

10.Software or SAAS stocks CRWD,ZS,COUP,OKTA and MACD patterns

11.Contact us truchartscom@gmail.com

12.Follow us on twitter - @trucharts


August 1, 2020

Markets update for week of Jul 27 - Jul 31 and picks for next week..

Check out our video for this week:

In this video we discuss overall markets update, NASDAQ and why we had traded AMD stock and made over 40%. We also discuss AAPL, FB, MTCH, CAT, DE, PINS,JPM, casino stocks and why and how critical support prices are used using moving averages. We also show how to use "gap ups" in the screener to find stocks that are poised to move higher and why volume is an important characteristic. We show which stocks we are going to buy next week and how you could have made a very good return if you had traded AMD as we had picked it. So please do subscribe to our youtube channel and also to our site - you could have paid for the site subscription many times over just with the profits from AMD. Good luck trading and leave us your comments, questions or email us. Follow us on twitter @trucharts.

July 18, 2020

Video Update week of 7/13 - 7/18 - check it out

Video for week of 7/13 - 718..

We are sure you will learn something. Check it out..

Founder, trucharts.com
B Bhatia