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January 17, 2021

Markets and time to be cautious, take profits? Trades for next week - VZ...

What we discuss in this week's video update:

  • Markets update for the past week– NASDAQ,DJIA,QQQ,SPY
  • Time to take profits and be cautious
  • Stocks from last week
  • Trades we did – BIIB, AMGN, KLAC, AMAT, MSFT (short), CVS
  • Example TSCO – cross of 13d
  • Screener – RSI scanning and Gap ups – VZ pick for next week
  • Basic indicators to always watch – SMA (13,20,30,50,100,200), MACD, RSI, Volume
  • Picks for next week
  • Semi stocks and shorts (for professional and experienced traders only) – VZ, ETR long – NET or ZEN, QRVO as short
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