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April 16, 2021

Higher highs as we predicted and stocks for next week - check out the vi...

Check out this video - we discuss the following topics and how we have been predicting higher highs and what to expect along with some of our picks.

See the agenda for the video below:

Key thesis and premise of our analysis and “WHAT WE HAVE BEEN SAYING”
Apr 11, 2021
  • RISK IS HIGH – No change to this thesis – Markets are extended
  • Markets will hit new highs – As expected – DJIA hit brand new high – As expected - hitting new highs
  • March will be volatile – As expected – March was volatile – heading into earnings season now
  • Being nimble in trading – still working well – Technicals are working well
  • Not an investing but a trading market – No change here except for some big cap names
  • Watching your technicals closely – MA’s, MACDs, RSI, CCI, CMF along with volume – Still using same indicators
  • Using options for covered call and covered put strategies – Always using this as a good system for better ROI
  • One on ones available for $99/hour
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Markets update for the past week
  • From mar 13 - NEW HIGHS – DOW target 32000 – above and beyond now – new target - 35000; 
  • NASDAQ holding in congestion/consolidation mode
  • Current expectations – Still like DOW stocks – statement from Mar 13 – no change

  • Trades for next week – Retail stocks worth watching, tech volatile but not investable, Big cap names in DOW rule – same thesis from Mar 13 video
  • What is our current investing theme – Trade tech with shorts and short term, and big cap names – seems to be working well
  • Some SITE key features revisited

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Please consult with your financial advisor before making investment decisions.
Not providing financial advice – just our analysis

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